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Welcome to the new and improved Raven’s Sandbox!

I’ve been hard at work redesigning the site and reorganizing my creative projects. The purpose of the site remains: for me to showcase my creative endeavors, but now it’s more streamlined and there’s something for everyone to enjoy. See below for some descriptions of what you can expect to see on the site.

Fandom Corner

Here in Fandom Corner, I share the fanworks and communities that mean the most to me. You can find everything from fanfiction to movie reactions in this space

Origin Creates

Origin creates is a place where I showcase my original writing. Fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and my writing journal, Shovel and Pale will make an appearance.

Lott-a-Thoughts Blog

This blog is dedicated to exploring the musings of my mind. Everything from current events to age-old questions will be explored in this fun and thought-provoking series.

Want to get in contact with me? Have suggestions for topics I should cover or a project I should give a shot?

You can Contact me.