Camp Nano Project: From Beyond the Edge

March 31, 2020 ☼ blog postsnewswritingpoetry

Note: The content of this announcement and the project will be covering triggering topics such as depression, anxiety, abuse, bullying, self-harm, and suicide. Please read with caution and practice self care. If you are in distress from any of these topics, please click here for resources. What is Camp Nano?"

Nanowrimo started out as a challenge between a few writers. They wanted to try and write an entire novel in one month. Since that fateful July 1999, NanoWriMo has expanded and changed to become an international program.

People across the world participate in the major event in November. There are smaller events known as Camp Nano. These events occur in April and July. While the November event involves participants writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, Camp Nano is more flexible with it’s creative projects. For more informative on these transformative events, see

About From Beyond the Edge

This project is a collection of suicide notes written by people of all ages, genders, and life situations. These notes are in the form of prose poetry. They show the vary depths of human despair as well as the pinprick of light that exists beyond the darkness. This work will confront readers with the tragedies of the human mind; humanizing the people who are pushed past their breaking point. This is not to glorify or promote suicide, but to offer up insight to why some may feel its their only option and why calling it merely a selfish act is more damaging than helpful.

You can expect pretty regular updates to this project. The goal word count for this work is 20,000 words. The most updated word count will be provided with each update to the project.

Project Pieces