A Warrior’s eyes: A How To Train Your Dragon Fanfiction

March 28, 2020 ☼ writingfanfictionhow to train your dragonmulti-chapter fic

By Mysterious Sunshine AKA Raven

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“They don’t call me Barnab the Brain for nothing, my boy. This old mind has seen and done a lot of things, and I happen to know of the Isle of Fles. It is a place where mystical things come to light. and for the worthy who traverse its terrain, they will have the one desire of their heart.”

Despite her best efforts, Gothi couldn’t cure Astrid’s blindness. Three months later, she is adjusting to not being able to see. She’s a strong fighter, and her love life with the adorkable dragon boy of her dreams is almost as perfect as she could have imagined. But one night, a note from a mysterious man by the name of Barnab the Brain sets Astrid on the journey of her life. Will she prove herself worthy of gaining all she’s lost, or will she loose herself forever?


Currently a work in progress on hiatus.


A Warrior’s Eyes