#30DaysofPride2021 YouTuber Pride Playlist

June 2, 2021 ☼ blog post30DaysOfPride2021musicplaylistsYouTubepridesexualitygender identityqueer

Hello everyone! Welcome to day 2 of #30DaysOfPride2021! I thought we should kick this content flood off with a bang (or better yet, several bangers)! In today’s post, I will be sharing a curated playlist of queer songs that you can only find within the creative jaws of YouTube. So get your pride flags ready and let’s jam!

Hozier Would that I cover by Syd the Kyd

I came across this cover last year when I was in one of my queer-Hozier-song moods (yes, that definitely exists). I fell in love with this YouTuber’s voice immediately. I was definitely getting some Rebecca Sugar vibes. Be sure to check out their channel linked above for more amazing content.

Slow Dance with You from Adventure Time By Ctr Ult Delete

So, I’ll be the first to admit that my interest in Adventure time came from the wonderful queer tention between Marci and PB. This beautifully crafted song about wanting to slow dance with the one you love is the perfect addition to this playlist. And honestly, you can’t go wrong with a queer goth vampire girl and her pastel princess girlfriend, can you? Besure to check out the YouTuber linked above for more amazing content.

Good Little Girl but It’s gay || Cover by Reinaeiry

This YouTuber has given birth to probably my most favorite music genre of all time: But It’s Gay. Rest assured you’ll see a few of her masterpieces on this list. Again, we have a lovely Adventure Time tune. It was originally performed by Marshall Lee and Fiona, but this queer twist on the song definitely brings up Peebs and Marci vibes. Please, show Reinaeiry some love by checking out her channel linked above.

The Other Side–Female Version (from the Greatest Showman) cover by Anna ft. Cami Cat

Okay, women in suits is pretty dope. Annapantsu has been a favorite YouTuber of mine for quite some time. She has this magical voice that is perfect for every song that has ever existed. In this cover of The Other side from the Greatest Showman, her and her friend give a rowsing genderbent rendition that represents the perfect balance of pride and badassery that is pride month. Hence, why it is on the list. Check out her channel linked avove for more memorizing singingg.

Marshall vs Gumball】 I’m My Own Problem「DUET」Adventure Time [LYRICS] By FandomFrank

Yes! Another Adventure Time diddy, and I’m not ashamed! If Marci and Peebs is meant to be, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that Marshall Lee and PG are a gorgeous power couple? Here’s a fun take on a tention-filled, heartbreaking duet between two lovers who have fallen away from each other. Be sure to check out FandomFrank’s channel linked above for more awesome content.

D & D+Asexuality By Skull Puppies

Not to sound biased or anything, but this is probably my favorite song on the list. Not only are the lyrics fun, catchy, and relatable, but I’m a real sucker for acoustic guitars and accented voices. This song just gives me a nostalgic feeling while validating part of my orientation at the same time. Definitely a contender for Ace anthem. Be sure to check out Skull Puppies’ channel linket above for more amazing music.

Jolene but it’s gay || Cover by Reinaeiry

Okay, as I promised, Reinaeiry is back with another banger. Seriously, this YouTuber is incredibly talented. Who would have thought that it was possible to make Jolene even gayer than it already was? Well, Reinaeiry‘s done it! Please check her channel linked above for more amazing content.

Magic cover - Rude - LGBT version by Lilly27

Here’s an emotionally poignant addition to the list. This YouTuber and friends have created an amazing gay cover with such a strong message about equality and love triumphing over hate. This YouTuber’s voice is stunning, the visuals are evocative, and the ukulele is just gorgeous. Be sure to check out this YouTuber’s channel linked above for more gay content.

A Whole New World - GAY Version Princepeterwolf

Growing up, I wasn’t really a huge Aladin fan. The Cave of Wonders’ voice still gives me the creeps to this day. That being said, I absolutely love A Whole New World, and this queer twist coupled with these YouTuber’s voices makes this even more magical than the original So if you’re in for some queer-coated nostalgia, look no further than right here. Be sure to check out the channel linked above.

little birdy, fly north (a nonbinary song) - elorian alb

As I listened to this song for the first time, I had tears in my eyes. This YouTuber has an amazing voice, and the soft guitar and piano music coupled with the poetic lyrics paints such a vivid picture. This song chronicles a nonbinary person’s experience with discovering their identity and being able to be who they are and loving that part of them. It’s such a beautiful message that really underscores the purpose and spirit of pride


That, my dear readers, was in no way an exhaustive list of amazing queer songs on YouTube. You should use this list to discover more pride-themed music.

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You can expect a list like this for more mainstream queer songs some time later this month. Well, that’s it for today. Enjoy day 2 of pride, and I’ll be back with more content tomorrow.