#30DaysOfPride2021 Merch Reveal: The Sandbox Store

June 3, 2021 ☼ blog post30DaysOfPride2021merch revealthe sandbox storepridesexualityromantic orientationasexualityaromanticismaroacea-spec

Hello everyone! Yes, that’s right! It’s day 3 of pride, and I’m finally ready to reveal the sandbox’s pride merch! In this brief blog post, I’ll talk about my inspiration for these designs and go into how you can help others by buying this merch.

Before I get into this blog post, I want to give a special shoutout to my little sister for designing the merch. She is an amateur artist who wants to someday get into concept art for video games. Even though the designs were my ideas, she brought them to life and added her own creative flare. Thank you, Sydni, for all the hard work!

Allos are Weird

If I talk to you on any kind of regular basis, then you’ve heard the phrase Allos are weird” come out of my mouth more times than you can probably count. Anytime someone discuses some sex or romance drama that my aroace self cannot relate to, I often shrug my shoulders and chalk it up to the strange and mysterious realm of allosexuals and alloromantics.

I decided that us a-spec folx needed a funny little quip to bond over. Of course, it’s all in good fun. We love our allo friends, but sometimes, they just don’t get it and we don’t get them. I wanted to have three different designs for the tees and hoodies: one for ace-spec people, one for aro-spec people, and one for aroaces. I thought the flag colors were a nice fun touch.

Hate is a choice, Identity isn’t

I’ve heard this phrase quite a few times throughout my OUT life, and it really resonates with me. I know quite a few people who believe my sexuality and romantic orientations are choices I made, and unfortunately, many queer people find themselves in similar situations. We can’t choose who we are or the who/what/how/if o our attraction to others. But, we can choose to treat people with respect, to love every part of them, and to celebrate who they are.

Getting your hands on this merch and making a difference

Each of the four designs outlined obove come in a t-shirt ($17.00) and a hoodie ($30.00). For those who buy any of the Asexual, Aromantic, or Aroace merch, $3 of your purchase will go to Asexual Outreach. For those who by any of the Hate is a choice. Identity isn’t” merch, $3 of your purchase will go to The Trevor Project. Be sure to visit both these links to see the incredible work these organizations do.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Go ahead and browse through this awesome merch. Be sure to share, and when you get your merch, post a pic of you wearing it and tag the sandbox @theravenssandbox on Facebook. See you tomorrow with more awesome content! The Sandbox Store.